Roof Cleaning In Fairfield CT

RoofGreen moss and black algae are two things that can grow on your roof that will not go away on their own. Green moss and black algae destroy roof shingles and should be removed from your roof as soon as possible. H&J Roofing offers roof cleaning that will get rid of both green moss and black algae. We incorporate best practices to ensure your roof is cleaned safely and properly, as well as offer power washing services.

Importance of Roof Cleaning

Getting your roof cleaned on a routine basis will help prolong its effectiveness to shield your home from the outdoor elements. By not having a roof contractor clean debris and other hazardous materials, this can create spacing between shingles and allow moisture to settle and put your home in danger of leaks.

Not only will cleaning preserve your roof’s lifespan, it will help its curb appeal! Our expert roof cleaning team will work to eliminate the presence of mold and algae, but the process does not stop there. We will take preventative measures to ensure these problem areas won’t return again. Call us today for more information!

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